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  • 10 vibes for Kilis

    like locals

    Visit the Ravanda Castle; While the date of its construction is unknown, it is believed that the castle was used for defence purposes throughout its history, as its name has been recorded in a number of written sources.

    See history in the Oylum Tumulus; In addition to being one of the largest mounds of the Middle East, it is a centre where Anatolian, Syrian and Mesopotamian cultures intersect.

    Explore the Mosaic Basilica; The 6th-century basilica belongs to the early Christian period. It is southwest of the Oylum Tumulus.

    Visit the Companion Tombs; There are 22 tombs in Kilis containing the graves of the companions who first accepted Islam and contributed to its dissemination throughout the region.

    Visit the historic mansions; There are many historical mansions in Kilis. The most famous of these are Akıncı Mansion, Binbaşı Mansion, Neşet Efendi Mansion, Ahmed Bey Mansion and Süpürgeci House.

    Learn about the history of the Great Mosque; Built in CE 740, the mosque is the largest in Kilis. Its seven-jet fountain is considered to stream the best water in Kilis.

    Inhale the healing air atop Kalleş Hill; The dry, oxygen-rich air on top of the hill is believed by locals to be helpful in alleviating lung diseases.

    Walk around the streets and see the Stone Houses; Kilis looks like an old Ottoman city, with narrow streets lined with stone houses, along with mosques, dervish lodges, churches and synagogues. The most important feature of the old stone buildings in the city is their unique architectural character.

    Taste Kilis Tava, Cennet Çamuru, Kilis Katmer and Olive Oil;

    Try za’atar for breakfast. Za’atar for breakfast is greatly beneficial – the blend of herbs and spices is completely organic and does not contain any artificial additives. In addition to boosting energy levels, it promotes a healthy digestive system.

    Don’t leave the city without purchasing Kilis olive and olive oil, Kilis soap, Kilis quilts, Kilis kerchiefs, Kilis gün molasses and hand-embroidered dowry items, as gifts or souvenirs.